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Steps to Follow for Winter Deck Maintenance

Steps to Follow for Winter Deck Maintenance

If you have a deck around your yard, here are some deck maintenance procedures you should follow for the remainder of winter.

We’re in the midst of winter now, and since there’s still a little while longer until spring arrives, you’ll need to keep your yard protected against the harsh winter elements. One area of your yard that needs to be cared for is your deck, if you have one. This is especially true during winter since the snowy weather conditions can lead to moisture damage on your deck boards if you aren’t careful. If you have a deck around your yard, here are some deck maintenance procedures you should follow for the remainder of winter.

Make Sure Your Deck Stays Clean

While this is a year-long chore you need to handle around your deck, winter brings snow with it, which is an extra mess that needs to be cleaned off. If snow is allowed to linger on your deck, the water can seep into the deck boards and cause mold and warping.

When cleaning your deck, though, avoid using a metal shovel to remove the snow. Metal shovels can damage your deck’s finish, so it’s best to go with a plastic shovel instead.

Remove All of Your Planters, Pots, and Furniture

During winter, it’s important that part of your deck maintenance procedures should include clearing the deck of all plants, pots, and furniture. If you leave pots and planters on your deck, they serve as the perfect breeding ground for mold to grow. Furniture can also harbor mold because of the moisture that can get underneath it. Therefore, rather than using a cover to protect your furniture, it’s better to just bring everything inside.

Go With the Grain When Shoveling Snow

When you’re getting your snow shoveled off of the deck, you don’t want to go against the wood’s grain. Going with the grain is the better option because it keeps your deck’s surface protected. This allows you to increase the longevity of your deck.

Avoid Using Salt

There are people who try using rock salt to take care of their deck during winter. We don’t advise this, however, because salt absorbs the moisture in your deck’s wood. While this sounds like a good idea to avoid mold, it actually harms the natural expanding and contracting of your deck’s wood. This can result in corroding for your deck, so it’s best to avoid using salt as a deck-treating tool.

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