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Hot Tubs and Spas

Bring your dream backyard to life with a beautiful, custom-made hot tub! Albaugh & Sons installs a wide range of luxurious hot tubs and spas to better the lives of our customers. A relaxing hot tub will enhance your home’s curb appeal, upgrade your backyard aesthetics, and give you an ideal spot to unwind after a long day. As a centerpiece for your backyard, the spa can be used all year round and makes an ordinary afternoon feel like a peaceful getaway. Our expert team will help you choose the best hot tub type for your personal oasis. From in-ground custom spas to portable hot tubs, we offer an array of options to accommodate all customer preferences. Are you ready to take your backyard to the next level? Invest in your happiness and indulge in a gorgeous hot tub or spa!

Custom In-Ground Spas

From the dimensions to the materials, in-ground spas allow customers to customize every aspect of their hot tub design. They’re most commonly built from gunite, concrete, copper, tile, stainless steel, or fiberglass. Unmatched in aesthetic appeal, custom in-ground spas amplify your landscape design and give your backyard a luxurious feel.

Portable Hot Tubs

Versatile, portable hot tubs are perfect for backyards of any size! These tubs operate with a self-sustaining, internal system and are transported with ease. They’re most commonly built from acrylic, fiberglass, polyethylene, inflated latex, or vinyl. Unlike in-ground spas, portable hot tubs don’t require an expensive and often time-consuming construction project for installation. With an assortment of soothing jets and ergonomically carved seats, portable tubs will amplify the serenity of your backyard. Owners can even customize the massaging jets to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy fully.

For more information about hot tubs and spas, please contact the Albaugh & Sons team today! We’re committed to exceptional customer service and always go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best possible results.