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Subpanel Installs

Contact Albaugh & Sons today for efficient subpanel installs! Adding a subpanel to your home will unlock a plethora of benefits and increase your electrical system’s efficiency. Our expert team is a trusted resource for high-quality electrical services that help your home run smoothly. We work with strict attention to detail and take great pride in our work. Each member of our experienced team is committed to quality workmanship and transparent communication. Your experience is important to us, and we always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Discover the benefits of subpanel installation today!

What is a Subpanel?

Also known as the main circuit breaker box, the main service panel is the primary source of electrical power for the home and distributes electricity to several branch circuits. The subpanel extends the wiring from the main service panel to fuel a specific room or area of the house.

Advantages of Subpanel Installation

Subpanels are incredibly beneficial devices that conveniently extend the wiring from the main service panel. In doing so, it allows homeowners to control the electrical circuits from a more convenient location. It distributes electrical power to specific areas of the home and fuels light, appliance, and outlet circuits. The best sites for subpanel installation are the garage or any room additions. Subpanels enhance your electrical system’s efficiency and increase control.

From subpanel installs to heavy-ups, our team can do it all. We’re trustworthy, experienced, and service-oriented. For more information about our electrical services, please contact Albaugh & Sons today!