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Smoke Detector and CO2 Upgrades

Our smoke and CO2 detection services are essential for all homes. We use our expertise to install, repair, and perform routine maintenance for these vital detection devices. Each detector is interconnected to ensure alert response times, and there is at least one device on every floor of the house. We strongly recommend including a smoke detector in every bedroom and hallway.

Smoke detectors are categorized into two distinct types: photoelectric or Ionization alarms. We offer a wide variety of innovative features to support your device, and our expert team will help you choose the best system for your home. For example, some popular models automatically notify a response team whenever the sensor is triggered. This feature ensures you receive the attentive, rapid response you need during times of crisis.

Carbon monoxide exposure poses a significant threat to your family’s well-being. However, without a capable CO2 detector in place, this dangerous gas can quickly go unnoticed until it’s too late. Often produced from household appliances, carbon monoxide is both odorless and invisible. We install CO2 detectors near heat-producing appliances, such as water heaters or ovens. These alarms will alert homeowners if an excess of carbon monoxide is evident, signaling you to call in an emergency response team to remove the gas from your home.

Electrical work is incredibly complex and must be performed by a trusted professional. For over a decade, Albaugh & Sons has provided top-notch electrical service to Maryland homeowners. As experts in our industry, our advice and guidance are invaluable to our clients. We always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, eliminate the potential for error, and strengthen your home’s defense system.