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What You Need to Check Before Beginning a Painting Project

What You Need to Check Before Beginning a Painting Project

Keep reading to learn how to get ready for a house painting project.

Are you going to undergo a painting project for your house in the near future? If so, there is a lot of preparation to get done before painting can begin. How nicely paint can adhere to surfaces depends greatly on how well the surfaces are prepared ahead of time. So what steps do you need to follow in order to prepare? Keep reading to learn how to get ready for a house painting project.

Make Sure the Surface and Air Temperatures are Suitable

Temperatures of both the air and the surface you’re painting will affect your paint’s physical properties when applying it. The time it takes for paints to dry will fluctuate based on the surrounding temperatures, with lower temperatures slowing the drying process.

Viscosity is another factor that’s influenced due to temperature. When temperatures are high, viscosity goes down and vice-versa. Because of these factors, you want to have paint stored in places that have the best temperature for use. It’s also a good idea to have a nice thinner.

Keep Humidity in Mind

Temperature isn’t the only outside factor at play during a painting project. Sometimes, the air can collect moisture, and with enough moisture, the protective properties of paint can be compromised. This is especially problematic with wooden surfaces because wood is prone to absorbing moisture. Wooden surfaces can also cause paint to bubble, which hinders the paint’s ability to adhere to the surface.


For those who don’t know, condensation is what happens whenever water vapor in the air goes back to being a liquid. When this happens, surfaces on which you paint will become wet. Typically, this problem is most likely to occur either at the very beginning or the very end of the day, especially when you’re doing a painting project outdoors. Since condensation makes it harder to paint surfaces evenly, it helps to know when condensation is most likely to develop on the surfaces you want to paint. This way, you can determine when it’s a good time to get your painting project completed.

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