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DIY Painting Vs. Professional Painting: Comparing Costs

DIY Painting Vs. Professional Painting: Comparing Costs

Let’s compare the costs that come with DIY painting versus professional painting.

All home projects come with a cost, and painting your house is no different.  While you won’t be able to know the exact cost that comes with a painting project, you can at least come up with an estimate. One decision you’ll come across is whether it’s better to hire a painting company to handle the job for you, or it’s better to perform a DIY painting project. Both come with benefits and shortcomings, and we will be explaining what you can expect choosing either path. Let’s compare the costs that come with DIY painting versus professional painting.

Material Costs

Whether you’re getting painting done yourself, or you hire a pro, the house won’t get painted successfully without the right materials. If you’re doing a DIY painting project, you’re responsible for purchasing all of the materials. On the brightside, you won’t need to hire and pay a professional to paint your house for you, so your initial expenses go down, however, you will be responsible for all of the labor.

Hiring a painting company would mean that, while you do pay them for their services, they will handle all of the material costs. Professional painters also tend to work with very high-quality materials, so you won’t have to worry about buying sub-optimal materials by going the DIY route.

Labor Costs

This is the part of your bill that you would expect to save the most money by painting your house yourself. After all, you pretty much pay yourself to get the job done. With that said, though, any mistake that happens during your DIY painting project will be your responsibility to fix, meaning you’ll not only have to buy more materials, but also spend more time painting. Because of this, there is the chance that money could be wasted if the paint job is not done properly the first time.

Hiring a painting company might come with a higher upfront cost, but you’ll know the job gets done the way it needs to get done. Also, as long as you work with a company that offers a warranty for their work, you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong while your house is getting painted.

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