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Is Painting or Staining Better For Your Home?

Is Painting or Staining Better For Your Home?

Let’s compare painting and staining and see which choice you should pick for your house.

If you’re considering painting your home, many questions will start to dance around inside your head. What color do you want your house to look? What finish do you want? Which type of paint works best on the surfaces that need to be painted? One question you might not have even considered is whether painting is even the right choice for you.

Instead of opting to paint your home, there is another choice: staining. Now, this decision doesn’t always come easy to homeowners, but there are ways to help you decide which option will work best with your home. Let’s compare painting and staining and see which choice you should pick for your house.

Painting Your Home

There are plenty of reasons you might choose to paint your home instead of stain it. To start, paint doesn’t require as many coats to get the job done because paint is generally more thick than stain. The color options are also far more expansive than what you get with staining, meaning you’ll have more possibilities for how your home will look. On top of more color options, painting your home comes with more finishes as well. Finally, you’re able to apply paint over surfaces that already got painted, something you cannot do with stain.

Staining Your Home

If you’re thinking of staining your home rather than painting it, there are benefits to choosing this path instead. Firstly, stain tends to be less expensive than paint, so you can complete the job without spending as much money. Staining is also generally easier to complete, and it’s also easier to re-stain any surfaces that might need to be given a touch-up. Stain will also apply to surfaces more quickly than paint, and you typically just have to use a single coat of stain for the task.

Something stain does appearance-wise is actually highlight the look of wooden surfaces. This is different from paint, which tries to conceal the look of your wood rather than promote it. Finally, stain doesn’t need to worry about getting flaked, cracked, or peeled, which are common problems facing paint.

Which Should You Select?

If you want to cover surfaces such as wood or concrete, stain is able to do this in a way that complements the look of the surface. There are even tinted stains you can try in order to enhance your home’s appearance further.

For a more bold look, you can go with paint. There are more color choices available this way. Just make sure that local authorities are okay with whatever color you choose before you start painting because there are different restrictions on what colors you can use depending on where you live.

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