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5 Benefits of a Screened In Deck

collage of multiple screened in decks built and implemented by Albaugh & Sons

With the exception of the odd “Maryland weather” day, we’re finally starting to enjoy warmer weather. If you walk out your backdoor, you’ll feel fresh air and the sun on your face. The sound of a distant lawnmower will reach your ears and the neighborhood kids will be running wild. Of course, this fresh feeling has its drawbacks. The sun will eventually start to scorch you and bugs will use your face as a convenient spot to take a rest. Why not enjoy the best of spring and summer without these annoyances? A screened in deck is just the ticket!

While a quaint back patio is a sufficient place to enjoy the weather without leaving home, an enclosed deck devoted to maximum outdoor comfort simply can’t be topped. Throw in the benefits to health, personalization, and property value, and it’s a no-brainer!

Enhanced Comfort and Protection

Ready to check all those common outdoor annoyances at the door? When there’s a protective screen surrounding you, it keeps those headaches out and lets the fresh air in. Mosquitos and flies are no longer a problem, meaning you don’t even have to worry about bug spray! An enclosed deck also means you can enjoy the outdoor air any time you’d like! Want to relax to the sound of a sudden rainstorm? Go for it. Feel like bundling up in a blanket and chilling in the middle of the year’s first snow? Have at it. Enjoy the outdoors year-round, no matter what the weather conditions are!

Improved Health and Safety

Your well-being is something you should always prioritize. While the outdoors are great, there are certain risks they bring that you shouldn’t need to worry about in your own backyard. A screened haven can alleviate these.

  • Reduced Exposure to UV Rays: With a roof over your head and a screen around you, the sun’s harmful UV rays will have a tough time causing you any trouble. Your skin and eyes will be protected while you reap the benefits of warmth and fresh air.
  • Minimized Risk of Insect-Borne Illnesses: When the bugs can’t get to you, neither can the diseases they may carry! You can stop worrying about West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease now.
  • Safe Play for Children and Pets: Kids and pets should still get the chance to run free in the backyard, but a screened in deck is great to have for those times when you want a more low-key place space.

Increased Property Value

There are plenty of ways for you to enjoy your patio, but it will also be a huge boon for you if you ever decide to move. Prospective buyers are often drawn to homes that have enticing additions such as these, and they’re often willing to pay more for such a versatile space. They’ll immediately start thinking about the possibilities for relaxing and hosting guests. Even if all your neighbors have traditional decks, this one will help your home stand out!

In addition to having an enviable back deck, this expansion adds even more square footage to your home. More space means a higher dollar amount!

Versatility and Customization

Have we mentioned the freedom you have in the design of a screened in deck? You have the freedom to design it to fit your vision. Rather than being limited to a simple rectangle, you can go wild with it! Deck contractors are the brush and your backyard is the canvas. 

Once the construction of this space is complete, the interior designer and gardener in you can go wild! Outfit it with the furnishings that will make it truly feel like an extension of your personality. Once that’s done, you can always get creative with your landscaping so this new addition can look like it was always meant to be part of your property.

Cost-Efficiency and Low Maintenance

Though a screened in deck is fancier than a traditional one, it actually requires less maintenance! Think about it. The screens keep pests at bay, meaning fewer dead bugs and the other wear and tear insects can cause. Additionally, the neighborhood birds can’t leave presents on your railings and furniture!

We mentioned earlier that this addition can increase your home’s value, further adding to its cost-efficiency. It’s the cherry on top of the benefits you’ll get from it!

Get Ready to Relax

A screened in deck adds a treasure trove of benefits to your home. With its versatility, health perks, and home value boost, it’s the best option for anyone who loves to spend their time in the fresh air without leaving home.If you’re ready to pull the trigger on this great home addition, get in touch with Albaugh & Sons! We have over twenty years of experience as deck contractors that we’d love to put to use to give you the home addition you deserve.

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