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How Your Wooden Deck Can Be Affected by Water Damage

How Your Wooden Deck Can Be Affected by Water Damage

Today, we’ll go over ways that your wooden deck can be damaged by water.

Water is so helpful to us in our everyday lives, but despite its many helpful uses, it can cause severe problems, depending on the circumstances. One way that water can cause issues is by damaging your wooden deck. For those who have wooden decks, you want to keep them as protected as you can, so knowing how they can be damaged goes a long way towards figuring out how to protect them. That’s why, today, we’ll go over ways that your wooden deck can be damaged by water.

Rainy Weather and Puddles

Many homeowners experience the occasional dose of rainy weather. After it has rained, you may find that there are puddles near your deck. These puddles should be taken seriously because your decking posts will begin to absorb this moisture, and as more moisture gets soaked into your decking, your posts take on more damage.

Moisture Attracts Different Types of Debris

Moisture causes enough problems for your deck on its own, but it can become even worse because moisture is known for attracting different kinds of dirt and dust that can eventually transfer to your decking. Over time, any cracks in your decking will become the entryway for all manners of dirt. Once enough dirt gets into these cracks, or cold weather freezes whatever water is inside your decking, the cracks will start to expand. It won’t be long until the cracks get so large that your decking will split altogether.


Rotting wood is a dire concern for your decking, but sometimes, you might not even be able to notice this problem. Rotting can start from within the wood because that is where water has been able to manifest. Once rotting has taken its toll on your deck, your decking boards won’t be able to support anyone who walks on them. This can cause people to fall and get injured.

Insects and Other Pests

Just like how dirt can reside in the crevices of your wood, so too can insects and other types of pests. Once these critters get into your decking, they will start eating away at the wood that was not yet affected by moisture. The last thing you want is these unwanted guests gnawing away at the last stable parts of your decking. These pests can cause significant damage to your deck.

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