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Restoring Composite Decking That Has Faded

Restoring Composite Decking That Has Faded

Eventually you may notice some fading of your composite decking materials. It isn’t the end of the world, and if it happens to you it is fixable.

For many people, composite is the ultimate decking material because of its many incredible benefits. Even though it is typically more expensive than wood, composite decking tend to last longer, with little need of maintenance. It is also incredibly durable, standing up to the harsh effects of weather and time, year after year. For the most part, it will remain unscathed, too. However, eventually you may notice some fading of your composite decking materials. It isn’t the end of the world, and if it happens to you it is fixable. Read on to learn more.


What Causes Fading?

Before you can know how to correct the fading of your composite decking, you need to know what caused it. One of the biggest causes of fading is direct sunlight. Over a long enough time, direct sunlight and UV radiation will fade just about anything. Another common cause of fading is using inappropriate cleaning solutions. Using bleach on composite or an excessive amount of pressure washing can both lead to fading. Not maintaining your deck and cleaning it as regularly as you should can also lead to fading, although staining is actually more likely. Finally, lower quality composite decking is going to be more prone to fading than higher quality decking.


How Do You Clean Composite?

If cleaning can lead to fading, but so can not cleaning, what can you do? First, it isn’t that cleaning it will lead to staining but that inappropriate cleaning techniques can. You need to be doing the standard maintenance work of clearing of debris and cleaning up dirt to keep the composite decking materials clean. You don’t have to scrub with a stiff wire brush or slosh on harsh chemicals. You also don’t have to power wash it every season. All of this will lead to fading. Composite decking can be easily cleaned with a combination of water, vinegar, and baking soda. If you do need to power wash, don’t use any higher than 3100 PSI. Finally rinse it well and make sure it dries. Seasonally, remove or rearrange furniture so that if sun fading does eventually occur, there will not be obvious spots that didn’t fade because they were covered.


What If It’s Too Late?

Prevention is the best medicine, but if you already have composite deck fading or staining, there is a fix. Most composite can actually be painted, which means that you can have a whole new look in the matter of a weekend and no longer have to worry about the faded look of yur deck.



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