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How Large Should a Deck Be?

How Large Should a Deck Be?

Here is how to decide the size of your deck.

Decks can add a lot of utility to your outdoor landscape. A deck can be built to serve any number of functions. It could be a gathering place for parties. It could become a personal book nook. It could be somewhere to enjoy outdoor meals.

When designing a deck, one of the big questions is how large it needs to be. You don’t want to have a cramped space, but you also don’t want your deck to have too much empty, unused space. Here is how to decide the size of your deck.

What’s the Purpose of My Deck?

We’ve listed some of the potential uses for your deck earlier, and those are only some of the options you have. If you’re going to use it for social gatherings, you’ll have to be capable of having many people on the deck at once. Therefore, it will need to be larger.

But, if you only intend to use it as a tranquil oasis to get away from daily stresses, you might not need the same amount of space.

You’ll also want to consider whatever additional structures you want your decking to have. Some decks are built with cooking areas, hot tubs, and fire pits. If you’re going to use any of these, understand that you will need more space to accommodate for them.

How Much Weight Does My Deck Need to Support?

Depending on what you want your decking to include, you might need to consider how much weight you’re putting on it. Your deck has to be able to handle all of the weight it supports.

Something important to note is that there are “dead loads” and “live loads” A dead load refers to the weight of the actual deck. The live load is the weight of furnishings, appliances, and people that will be on top of the deck. Make sure that your decking is able to support not just itself but also everything you plan to install on top of it.

How Much Yard Space Do I Have?

If your decking is at ground level, the space it uses will take space away from your yard. This can be a positive thing if you don’t enjoy mowing your lawn. However, if you want to have a spacious yard, you don’t want decking that gets too big because it will eat away at the amount of yard space you have.

Decks built above ground level help preserve yard space. Just realize that grass underneath your decking will likely struggle to grow because of the lack of sun.

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