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Upkeep Tips for Your Wrought Iron Fence

Upkeep Tips for Your Wrought Iron Fence

These are some words of advice we suggest for those who have a wrought iron fence.

Many people like the idea of building a wrought iron fence. Wrought iron is one of the more popular fencing materials people like to use. It’s a naturally beautiful fencing choice that offers a lot of durability. However, just like any other fence, you’re going to have to put some effort into maintaining it. That’s why you need to know how you should take care of your fence. These are some words of advice we suggest for those who have a wrought iron fence.

General Cleaning

Dirt is eventually going to rack up on your fence. This is an issue because dirt tends to retain moisture more easily, and wrought iron doesn’t fare well against that. Your fence will start degrading, so it’s best to clean your wrought iron fence on a monthly basis to prevent this from happening.

Remove Rust When You Spot It

This is especially critical for people who live in places that get a lot of humidity. High humidity increases the likelihood of your wrought iron fence developing rust. The sooner you address this issue, the better it is for you. A fine wire brush is the tool of choice for tackling this kind of problem. A tap will be needed underneath the iron, and you should wear a glove if doing this yourself.  If you’re worried that you won’t get all of the rust, you can contact a fencing company to get trained experts to handle rust cleaning.

Inspections Are Key

Take some time to inspect your wrought iron fence. One area that deserves extra attention is your fence’s coating. See if there are areas where your coating or paint has started to peel away. If so, you’ll likely have to get those spots painted again because you don’t want the metal to be exposed to the outdoor elements.

You also can’t allow rust to stay because it can spread very quickly to other areas of your fencing. Early rust removal is a necessity.

Paint Your Fence

Once your wrought iron fence has been cleared of all dirt, rust, and other debris, you should apply a fresh layer of paint. What this does is supply your wrought iron fence with an additional layer of protection against weather, dirt, and other adverse conditions. As an added bonus, your fence will look much nicer if you give it some fresh new color.

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