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Everything to Know About Fence Height

Everything to Know About Fence Height

To guarantee that you have the right fence height, here is what you need to know.

There are many aspects of your fence that must be taken into consideration when getting it installed. One of these aspects is the fence height. If your fence height doesn’t follow local regulations, there are consequences that will follow. To guarantee that you have the right fence height, here is what you need to know.

What Makes Fence Height So Important?

Height is one trait that is taken very seriously regarding fences. It’s a trait of fences that is heavily regulated, so it’s always going to play a role in your finished product. The height of your fence will influence whether or not passersby can see over the top of it, and it can affect other factors such as privacy and how much light your yard gets.

How Should You Measure The Height of Your Fence?

Fence height is measured by starting at the finish grade found at the base of your fence. From there, you measure until you reach the peak of the structure. You have to factor in more than how tall your fence pickets are when determining your fence height. You also must consider fencing accessories, including horizontal boards and lattice, that may be found at the top of your fence.

There may be exceptions made for fences that are built on top of retaining walls that help compensate for height differences between different yards since local regulations usually let fences get measures beginning from the highest finished grade and ending at the top point of the fence.

Fences will always factor accessories into the total height unless specifically mentioned by legislation. Therefore, you should always account for them prior to the installation.

How Tall Can a Fence Be?

Similarly to other construction projects, fences are regulated at the local level. There isn’t any national or state standard in place, so the acceptable fence height for your area will depend on where you live. Coordinate everything with the county and city planning departments because they are the ones who will enforce all restrictions on your fence height. They are also the ones who will provide you with permits when necessary.

Many fences will be allowed to be between 6 and 8 feet tall when they go along the sides or border the backyard. Fences set up in the front yard usually have to be shorter, closer to either 3 or 4 feet. The permits needed before starting the installation process will vary from place to place, though, so again, consulting your city and county planning departments is advised.

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