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How to Keep Your Deck Weatherproofed

How to Keep Your Deck Weatherproofed

To help you protect your deck, here is what you can do to weatherproof it.

A deck is something you should feel proud to have. It gives you an outdoor space with great flexibility in how you use it. Decks are perfect for leisurely time as well as hosting events. However, they are not without shortcomings, and one of the problems you’ll have to handle is the weather. If you don’t prepare your deck properly, the elements can start taking their toll on it. To help you protect your deck, here is what you can do to weatherproof it.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning is always going to be an important part of decking maintenance, and as an added bonus, it gets your deck better-prepared for the weather. You can sweep debris off of your floor and remove any leaves that may have found their way between your boards. Leaves can be especially problematic if you don’t get rid of them because they can start rotting, and that rot can spread to other parts of your decking. It’s a tedious ordeal, but it’s well worth the time spent.

Make Sure You Scrub the Wood

After all of the debris is gone, you’ll have to get the surface cleaned up. Fortunately, this is a simple task as you don’t require any commercial cleaning product to get everything clean. All it takes is some bleach and water. A half and half solution should suffice for the job.

Put your scrub brush into your cleaning solution and use it to get rid of any mildew and algae you find. This step can be skipped if your deck is brand new. However, even new decks will need to be cleaned if you didn’t get them either sealed or stained at the time they were installed.

Apply a Stain or a Sealer to Your Decking Boards

The last step of the weatherproofing process is to put either a stain or a seal on your deck. Either one is fine as they both help raise the longevity of your deck. A sealant helps your deck to resist water more effectively, making rain, hail, and snow easier to handle. It will help make sure water simply rolls off of your decking boards with little to no trouble at all. A sealer will require you to have either a foam roller or a pad that has a reservoir in it. No matter which option you end up using, just be sure that it goes over the whole surface to guarantee you have completely weatherproofed your decking.

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