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Deck Protection Procedures for Winter

Deck Protection Procedures for Winter

To keep your deck safe against everything winter can throw at it, here are a few procedures you can follow.

Winter can be unforgiving at times. The brutal cold, combined with various inclement weather conditions, can make your house more susceptible to damage. One area that is especially vulnerable is your deck because it is always outside and exposed to the elements. To keep your deck safe against everything winter can throw at it, here are a few procedures you can follow.

Clean Your Deck

Something that you can do is remove clutter from your deck. If you leave planters out for the entire season, moisture leaching can occur, which can leave your wood discolored. They’re better off inside your garage, if you have one, or beneath your deck. You should also store any patio furniture you have.

Scrub Your Deck Down

Keeping debris away really helps to promote your deck’s longevity. A clean surface ensures that you don’t have to worry about rotting, which could otherwise cause deteriorating to occur.

Get Rid of Mold & Mildew Buildup

If you see that mold or mildew is forming on your deck’s surface, it should get removed immediately. Decks often allow mold and mildew to breed, and the moisture that comes from winter weather will make it easier to attract them to your deck, especially in nooks such as your deck’s cracks and tight boards.

Apply a Water-Resistant Seal

As we just mentioned, moisture from winter weather helps bring mold and mildew to your deck. Because of this, a water-repellent seal should be used to fill in your deck’s cracks and give its surface a protective barrier against all of the ice and moisture you’re likely going to endure.

You might have to remove a prior finish, but your labor will be rewarded in the spring when your deck is free of any damage.

Cover Your Deck With a Tarp

Using a tarp to cover your deck’s surface is a great idea because it stops snow from piling on to its surface. Lowering the amount of snow that collects on the surface will help stop warping from occurring. In addition, you can keep moisture from getting into your deck’s cracks, which lowers the chances of ice formation that would otherwise make your cracks much worse.

Get Rid of Snow

Snow is inevitably going to pile up around your home the longer that winter lasts. You’ll need to remove snow as it comes, and the best way to do this is with a shovel. You should shovel in the direction of your boards so that you don’t cause any damage to the deck’s finish. Some people may tell you that ice-melting products, such as salt, need to be used. However, we advise against this because your deck’s surface can become discolored or even damaged when using products like these.

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