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How to Know Your Deck is Beyond Repairing and in Need of Replacing

How to Know Your Deck is Beyond Repairing and in Need of Replacing

Here are some of the signs that the time for a deck replacement is near.

Decks are often used to help define people’s outdoor living spaces. They give people the perfect place to entertain guests, host various events, or simply relax after a long day. But there will be a time when a deck starts to sustain damage. Some damages can be easily repaired, but sometimes, the damage can be so severe that it isn’t worth trying to constantly provide temporary fixes to the problem. Much like putting a bandage on a broken leg, making small repairs for big problems isn’t going to resolve anything. It’s important to know when a deck should be replaced rather than repaired. Here are some of the signs that the time for a deck replacement is near.

There is Erosion Around the Post

Many decks will be placed on sturdy posts that are stuck in place using concrete, or the posts get buried deep underground. As time passes, water moves around your deck’s base, which can slowly wear down the earth that surrounds each post you have. When enough erosion has occurred, your decking can start wobbling, and you could have posts snap off.

This kind of problem is best remedied with a deck replacement. This lets you start from scratch regarding how your posts get secured into the ground.

Heavy Amounts of Damage on the Surface

It’s only natural that your decking takes on a little damage over time. This isn’t usually an issue if the damage is minor. All you might need to do is replace a couple of boards. But when damage accumulates on most of your deck’s surface, you’ll probably need to replace the entire deck.

Common sources of surface damage include water, mold, and rot. You might detect mold growing in the cracks of your deck or some soft wood along your surface, which are indicators of serious damage.

There are Gaps Between Your House and Your Deck

Ledger boards are used to keep your decking and house attached to each other. If these boards ever get damaged, the weight of your deck could cause the deck to lean away from your house.

Decks that lean have serious safety concerns. People could trip over gaps in the area, or worse, the deck’s structure could completely collapse. In addition, when there are gaps between your house and your deck, it’s easier for water to find its way into your surface boards, posts, and framework, which can result in rotting.

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