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Getting Your Wooden Fence Prepared for Winter

Getting Your Wooden Fence Prepared for Winter

Here is what to do to prepare your wooden fence for winter.

The weather is continuing to get colder as we inch closer to the winter season. When temperatures drop, parts of your outdoor landscape start to become more vulnerable to damage. One such area is your wooden fence, if you have one. Because of this, you have to get your fence ready to last through the winter season. Here is what to do to prepare your wooden fence for winter.

Get Debris Away From Your Fencing

When winter arrives, snow is going to start falling down, and snow can cause various problems for your wooden fence if you’re not prepared for it. Before that happens, you should get any debris away from your fencing. Such debris may include dirt, grass clippings, and leaves, among other things. If you don’t get rid of these pieces of debris, they will become wet from all of the snow, and this moisture can result in mold and mildew developing onto your fence. In turn, your fence will become weaker, which will require you to either get it repaired or replaced entirely.

Get Weakened Fence Posts Replaced

Do you notice any weakened posts on your wooden fence? If you do, then those fence posts should get replaced prior to the impending winter season. Winter weather only serves to further weaken these fence posts, and they could break if you don’t attend to them beforehand. By replacing any weakened posts on your wooden fence, you’ll know for sure that your posts are sturdy and ready for whatever winter throws at them.

Put Some Stain On Your Wooden Fence

Before the cold winter weather fully kicks in, you should take a little time to apply a new stain to your wooden fence. A stain comes with a protective oil base that will be beneficial for your fencing during the winter season. Staining your fence is important because the stain gives your fence a layer of protection against moisture that could otherwise cause rotting and mold to occur. You are also less likely to experience expanding and contracting in your wooden fence, which serves to keep your fencing in better condition throughout the winter.

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