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When Your Outdoor Lights Should Get Replaced

When Your Outdoor Lights Should Get Replaced

Here is how to tell when you need to replace your outdoor lights.

As much as we would like our outdoor lights to last forever, there will come a time when these lights need to get replaced. The question you may be asking is: how will I know when my lights should be replaced with new ones? While needing to replace lights isn’t great, the good news is that there are signs that will let you know when a replacement should get done. Here is how to tell when you need to replace your outdoor lights.

You Have an Above-Average Electricity Bill

Have you noticed that your electric bill has gone up seemingly inexplicably? This can sometimes be the result of having outdated lighting outside. Older lights might not be as efficient, which can cause your energy bill to spike in order to get the lighting you need. If your lights are outdated, consider switching them out with new ones, ones that are more energy efficient, such as LEDs.

You See Damage On Your Outdoor Lights

This is a sign that applies to pretty much anything in your home; if there’s damage on your outdoor lights, you replace them. If you’re not sure if your lights are damaged, go up close to perform a more thorough inspection of them. This will help you be able to tell if your lights have broken housing or wires that are exposed.

You Have Old Designs

Perhaps you’re looking to update your home’s exterior decor. Maybe you’ve recently updated your house’s look, but the lights around your yard are the same ones you’ve used in years prior. In situations like this, it can be a smart idea to replace old outdoor lights with new ones in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Most (or All) of Your Lights Don’t Work

Have you noticed that your outdoor lights are beginning to fail on you? Does this happen to the majority of lights around your yard? If so, then the problem goes beyond fixing a single bulb, in which case it may be wise to get rid of your current lights entirely, and instead opt for brand new bulbs that will have greater longevity and look nicer in your outdoor landscape.

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