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Deck Design Tips to Give You the Perfect Outdoor Landscape

Deck Design Tips to Give You the Perfect Outdoor Landscape

Use these deck design tips to give you the deck of your dreams.

A lot of people will fixate on what components they want to use to make their deck, but then they lose sight of what overall deck design they want to suit their house and their lifestyle. Having the right components to build your deck is certainly important, but you should always keep the big picture in mind.

Ultimately, your deck is supposed to be a place where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. You will spend a long time on that deck, making memories with family and friends for many years. That’s why you should take some time and think about what deck design you want. Use these deck design tips to give you the deck of your dreams.

Consider Size and Shape

It’s generally accepted that a deck should only take up to 20% of your house’s square footage at most. However, if you plan to spend as much time on your deck as you spend in your home, or possibly even more time, then you could go with a larger deck if you want.

If you’re struggling on deck design and don’t know what shape your deck should be, rectangular models are a timeless classic. You can get more imaginative if you want, though. There are decks nowadays that have mitered angles and curves that help them stand out and improve aesthetic appeal.

Your Deck Should Suit your Lifestyle

How will your deck improve your outdoor experience? How will your deck be used? Why will you be using your deck? Depending on the purpose your deck provides for your home, your deck design will change. If you want to use your deck to host parties, you’re going to have a drastically different deck design than someone who wants to use their deck to relax and destress.

Keep Traffic Patterns in Mind

Walking pathways should painlessly get you to the different areas of your deck. If you want areas designated for different activities such as reading, gaming, and cooking, you’ll need all of your furniture in the right places. There should be plenty of space for chairs if you use a dining area, for example. A coffee table might go nicely in a lounging area. Maybe you have a play area, so you could add a pool table. The furniture you put on your deck should be suited for the activities you plan to enjoy there.

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