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Six Reasons Winter is the Time to Install a Fence

Six Reasons Winter is the Time to Install a Fence

Find out why winter is a great time to install a fence.

Some people ask if winter is a good time to install a fence. To that question, we say yes! If the ground isn’t frozen, you can get started on your installation whenever you like. In fact, winter may be the opportune time for your fence installation. Find out why winter is a great time to install a fence.

Landscaping is Easier During the Winter

A lot of your greenery will be dormant during the winter. This means that your plants and lawn won’t be as likely to suffer damage during the installation process. Because you don’t have to worry about your yard getting damaged, it lets you get through your installation much quicker.

Added Privacy While your Greenery is Dormant

Your yard will likely look bare during the cold winter months (unless you have a lot of evergreens around your yard). Trees and shrubs can give you privacy during spring and summer, but once autumn hits, all of that privacy goes away. Unlike trees and shrubs, a fence will give you year-long privacy, so you won’t ever have to worry about anyone watching you from your yard.

Your Installation Gets Done Quickly

Springtime is when most people get their fences installed. That’s the beauty of winter installations because when spring starts, you’ll already have your fence in place. Winter is a time when there aren’t many people installing fences. This means you can make an appointment with a fencing contractor much more easily and get the job done more quickly.

By installing your fencing in the winter, you dodge the springtime rush. While everyone else is scrambling to get their fences installed, you’ll already be relaxing and enjoying yours.

Your Fence will be Prepared for Winter Weather

Your fence will need replacing if you notice any cracks or rotting. The moment your fence starts taking damage, it will only get worse as time goes on. If your fence is worse for wear, getting one installed during the winter helps to give you security in your yard. It’s fine not to wait until spring for an installation because new fences will hold their own better in the wintertime.

You Don’t Interfere with Outdoor Activities

Spring and summer offer more pleasant weather for enjoying outdoor activities. This is the time you want to enjoy your fence, not spend time getting it installed. This is why winter is a more ideal time for your installation. The cold weather makes spending time outside less inviting, making it a better time to get your installation done while your yard isn’t being used.

It also helps that contractors are in their off-season during the winter. This means it’s easier to find a contractor for your fencing during winter. Doing this lets you get cozy by a warm fire while they handle the installation process for you. Then, when the weather gets warmer, and you’re ready to head outside, your fence will be ready to go.

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