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Custom Deck Design Tips

Custom Deck Design Tips

Use these custom deck design tips to help you make the deck of your dreams.

When installing a deck, people focus a lot of attention on the different components of their deck but forget to factor in the actual design they want for it so that the deck can complement their lifestyles. While having the right materials is important, you ultimately want to enjoy your deck, and enjoying it means more than having the right materials used to create it. You want your deck to be an enjoyable, relaxing place where you can appreciate your outdoor living space. But custom deck design isn’t always easy. Knowing how to get the perfect tone for your deck takes finesse. You want your deck to be perfect so that you can create beautiful memories with your family just outside of your house. Use these custom deck design tips to help you make the deck of your dreams.

Size And Shape Matter

Part of custom deck design is knowing how big the deck should be. It’s suggested that a deck should be no more than 20% of your home’s square footage. Otherwise, it can disrupt the visual balance between your deck and the rest of your outdoor landscape. However, if you spend a significant amount of time on your deck, especially if you have many people who come to the deck with you, it’s acceptable to have a larger deck.

With regards to shape, rectangular decks are fine for more traditional tones. But there are curved deck choices you could implement to make your deck truly pop! Just use your imagination and try to think about what deck style will look best for your home as well as your yard.

Your Deck Should Reflect Your Lifestyle

Another tip for if you try your hands at custom deck design is to consider what type of deck will complement your lifestyle and make your outdoor living experience more enjoyable. How will you use your deck? Depending on what uses you have planned for your deck, your design choice will vary. People who love to host large parties will have different decks from people who want to use their deck to relax and unwind.

Blend Your Deck With Your Landscape

Another part of custom deck design is considering your landscape when creating your deck. Keep in mind that your deck is the bridge between your home’s interior and your outdoor landscape. Don’t use your deck to simply transfer people from the house to the yard. Have your deck be a complementary hardscaping investment, one that smoothly transitions you from the interior to the exterior of your home. Your deck should feel like a natural extension of your home and outdoor living space.

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