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Reasons Your Iron Fence Could Sustain Damage

Reasons Your Iron Fence Could Sustain Damage

Here are some of the reasons your iron fence could get damaged.

Wrought iron fences are able to give any property more value. They make your property more refined, allowing you to raise your overall curb appeal, and with proper care, an iron fence is able to last for many years or even decades.

With that said, even highly durable iron fences can be damaged. You want to avoid damaging your fence whenever possible, as it leads to pesky repair projects that may have been avoidable. Knowing what puts your fence at risk plays a big role in helping you avoid damage in the future. Here are some of the reasons your iron fence could get damaged.

Incidental Damage From Children

We all love our kids, and it’s a great thing to see them get outside and have fun. When kids are outside, however, it may be a good idea to watch them. While an iron fence can add more security to your property, the fence itself isn’t protected from damage kids could cause. Damage could be caused if kids are climbing your fence because they might accidentally bend or pull out parts of the fencing while climbing it. We know they mean well, but it helps a lot if you tell your kids what is appropriate to do to the iron fence.

Ignoring Maintenance

There are people who believe that no maintenance is needed for an iron fence. They think that they only need to pay attention to the fence during the installation process. This isn’t how it is, though. Allowing dirt and debris to pile onto your iron fence over time is not a good idea. Dirt and debris can slowly cause your fence to weaken, and eventually, the entire fence could break down.

Fortunately, this type of fence damage is completely preventable. All that’s required from you is to wash your fence every now and then by using some mild detergent. Mineral oil can be used if you’re cleaning your hinges and latches, while scratches can be remedied with some steel wool. If you perform all of these tasks, dirt and debris never have a chance to get out of hand.

Hanging Heavy Objects On Your Iron Fence

While iron fences can certainly be decorative, you’ll want to think about what decorations to hang on them. Some decorations are too heavy for iron fences to handle. If you place something that’s too heavy onto your fence, the posts can start bending, or the entire fence can collapse.

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