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Improving Deck Safety During Rainy Weather

Improving Deck Safety During Rainy Weather

Here are safety measures you can take that will help your deck be more prepared for rainy weather.

It makes sense for you to express concern about how safe your deck is when it gets wet. With slippery decking, it’s easier to fall over and get injured. On top of that, moisture allows fungus and mold to thrive, and you’ll want to keep these things away from your decking.

So what can be done to increase the safety of your decking whenever it rains outside? Here are safety measures you can take that will help your deck be more prepared for rainy weather.

Keep Your Deck Clean

Cleanliness isn’t just important for looks; it’s also needed to improve your deck’s safety levels. When your decking is clean, it keeps mold and fungus from developing, and you will lower the chances of slipping on something during rainy weather.

For a thorough cleaning, you should take everything off of your deck. This lets you clean your surfaces more effectively. If you have a jet washer, consider using one of those, and set it to a more gentle setting. Doing this will let you clear out whatever dirt is on your decking without damaging the surfaces. After that, apply a deck cleaning solution to the surface, or use a mixture of soda crystals with warm water. This process should be done in-between seasons.

Install a Non-Slip Deck

If you have yet to install decking on your property, think about getting non-slip decks. This is a great solution because you don’t have to modify the decking you have. Instead, you can design your deck to be resistant to rainy weather straight out of the gate. It’s much easier to protect yourself from the rain if your initial design is meant to handle it. A decking contractor can help you decide on material that is optimal for rainy weather conditions. You might also want to work with a decking contractor because they will be more likely to have the materials you need to create whatever kind of decking you would like.

Applying Abrasive Strips or Non-Slip Coatings

For decks that are already installed, the best thing you can do is install extra features to give you resistance to rain and moisture in general. Abrasive strips can go along your flooring, which will make your floor less slick and slippery.

As an alternative, you can use non-slip coatings on your deck’s surface. Much like the strips, non-slip coatings have abrasive properties that make it harder to fall over and get yourself hurt. If you’re applying a coating, make sure your decking is clean before the application. Also, give it sufficient time to dry before putting anything on your decking again.

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