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Helping Your Wood Fence Last Longer

Helping Your Wood Fence Last Longer

Here are tips we have on raising the longevity of your wood fence.

A wood fence is a staple for many people’s houses. They promote safety and beauty in a seamless and effortless manner, and they will last you for over ten years when given proper care. While that sounds like a long time, you can actually further extend your fence’s lifespan. You might be pondering how you can get your fence to have a longer life. Here are tips we have on raising the longevity of your wood fence.

Think About The Wood You’re Using

The first thing you’ll want to consider is what kind of wood you’re using to create your fence. Some solid options include redwood and red cedar, both of which have resistance against rotting and decay. When you have high-quality wood for your fence, it will allow your fence to stay strong for many years to come.

Make Sure to Pressure Treat Your Fence Posts

For your wood fence posts, you want them to be pressure treated since they need to connect with the ground. Connecting with the ground means being exposed to moisture and various kinds of insects, which can all eat away at wooden posts more easily if you don’t have them pressure-treated. The pickets will not require pressure treating like the posts since they will be aboveground.

Give It a Year Before You Paint or Stain Your Wood Fence

With all of the good that painting and staining your fence can do, you might think that it’s never a bad idea to get started doing these tasks. However, with new fences, you’ll want to wait roughly one year before you paint or stain them. This is the time needed to dry out all of the chemicals used during the pressure-treating process.

Fences that aren’t dry will trap moisture inside of them, which promotes rotting and decaying. Pressure-treated wood has more protection, although it can still be vulnerable to warping, cracks, and swelling, so maintenance will be necessary every two or three years.

Perform Annual Inspections and Repairs

Every year, you should take a little time to look at your wood fence and see if any damage has been sustained. Replace any boards that have been broken. Tighten the screws in your fence. Hammer whatever nails have come loose. All of these tasks can help your wood fence last longer than it otherwise would.

Waterproof wood glue can be used to seal off areas in your wood fence that have become cracked or chipped in any way. This will make sure that water has a tougher time getting into your wood to break it down further.

Lastly, ensure there is sufficient drainage because you don’t want water to pile up at the foot of your fence posts.

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