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Ways to Keep Your Deck From Rotting

Ways to Keep Your Deck From Rotting

Here is how to keep deck rot from occurring.

Rotting can be a common issue for a deck. After being in the elements for enough time, usually, a few months, dust and moisture start to break down decking, with moisture serving as the biggest cause for rotting.

You want to keep the wood on your deck protected, and the good news is that you can protect your decking from rot using a few methods. Here is how to keep deck rot from occurring.

Check Your Deck Regularly

Staying vigilant and keeping an eye on your deck is always helpful. Roughly every 2-3 months, see if any moisture has gotten into your decking boards. If you notice the boards are starting to decay, this is a sign that you’ll need to replace those boards at once.

Joist Tape and Flashing

Joist tape and flashing make for another effective solution. Any time you replace your deck boards, you’ll want to use these materials. Flashing joist tape protects your decking against moisture and different pests that could otherwise get to your joists. This ensures that the substructure of your decking remains strong.

When applying joist tape, it should go on the tops of your joists, ledger boards, and rim joists. You can contact a decking company if you want to be sure you’re applying the joist tape as you should.

Make Sure Your Deck Has No Standing Water Around It

As we’ve mentioned earlier, moisture is the main cause for deck rotting, and that means you’ll want to keep water away from your decking all of the time. Standing water can be a concern, and you should see if standing water is surrounding your decking posts. You’re more likely to see standing water after it’s rained, so be sure to check your decking after any rain has passed. As long as you get rid of the water from the nearby vicinity of your deck, you’re much less likely to experience any problems with rotting.

Work With a Professional Decking Company

Sometimes, it’s just safer when you have a professional decking company helping you protect your deck from rotting. They understand all of the factors that can put decking at risk for rotting, and this helps them devise efficient strategies for preventing this rotting. There is an upfront cost for their services, but the cost of maintenance is lower than what it would cost to make repairs later if rotting were to occur.

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