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Why We Advise Against DIY Fence Installations

Why We Advise Against DIY Fence Installations

Here are the reasons we suggest you don’t install a fence without professional help.

We like having our houses in good condition, and many homeowners like to take matters into their own hands to make sure problems don’t have time to grow. A lot of house projects can be handled on your own, and doing DIY projects is great for saving money, as well as time that would come from searching for professional help. With that said, though, not all projects should be tackled without professional assistance, and one such project includes the installation of a new fence.

While DIY fence installations can seem simple, there are actually many ways they can go wrong if you’re not careful or don’t have experience building them. Here are the reasons we suggest you don’t install a fence without professional help.

You May Not Have Enough Experience (Or the Right Tools)

Installing a fence is a pretty hands-on job; however, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take finesse to install one properly. You need the proper tools to install fencing successfully. For example, an augur is needed for digging holes, and a crimping tool will be needed for the fencing itself. It’s expensive to rent these tools, and renting them doesn’t even cover the labor.

Contacting a fencing company is a wonderful idea because, while you pay for their services, you get plenty of bang for your buck. They know the right way to install a fence, and they supply their own tools, meaning that expense doesn’t come out of your wallet.

Professionals Know How to Account for Yard Elevation

There are many yards that have varying elevations, which makes it tougher to install a fence. You have to accommodate for every individual peak your yard has, and it’s much more complex than working on a completely flat surface.

Since professional fencing contractors have worked on many different landscapes over the years, they will have a plan for how to accommodate for every section your yard has.

It’s Possible to Dig Holes That Don’t Have Enough Depth

This is a mistake that many DIY fence builders face. Every fencing style will require different hole depths for the fence posts. If the holes for the posts aren’t deep enough, the posts won’t stay in place. Instead, your fencing will end up leaning to one side, or it might even fall.

Professionals know what depth is appropriate for every fence post, which saves you time and money trying to re-install fencing later.

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