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How to Prevent the Collapse of Your Deck

How to Prevent the Collapse of Your Deck

Here is what you can do to keep your deck from collapsing.

There are plenty of stories that involve decks collapsing. Were you aware that more than 500 people sustain injuries due to deck collapses every year? Sometimes, injuries can even be lethal. This is even more concerning hearing that around 40 million decks around the country aren’t built to be code-compliant. That’s around half of the decks built in the United States! Fortunately, preventing a collapse is possible. Here is what you can do to keep your deck from collapsing.

Excessive Weight

Even if your decking is built as it should be built, it will eventually give out with enough weight. Sometimes, the weight becomes too great when heavy furniture is resting on your deck. Other times, it can be due to having too many people. During wintertime, snow can pile on and pressure your deck too.

It’s important to look to a professional for help so they can tell you how much weight your decking is capable of handling safely.

Your Deck is Made of Old or Decaying Materials

One of the main causes of a deck collapse is when it is old and rotting. As decks age, the materials begin to get worn down, meaning it takes less weight and pressure to make them collapse.

Noticing decay isn’t always going to be easy. It’s for this reason that we advise seeking professional expertise appraising your decking. You should get decking inspected ten years after having it installed. After that, inspect every three years following.

There are Loose Supports and Railings

You know your deck was poorly installed if it is hanging onto your house only by a couple of nails. It’s easy to pull nails out, which is why they aren’t sufficient for preventing a deck collapse. Problems can also arise when railings are loose, so you should contact a decking company immediately after noticing loose rails. It’s easier for children to fall while leaning on loose railing, and on top of that, poor railing installations could mean other areas of a deck are installed poorly too.

What Kind of Decking Company Do You Hire?

Make sure whatever company you hire has worked on decks for many years. Seasoned veterans know which decks are safe and which aren’t, and they’ll also know what needs to be done to keep your deck safe for use in the future. It doesn’t hurt to check online reviews or get advice from family and friends if you’re unsure of who to hire.

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