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Fencing Around Trees: All You Need To Know

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Find out how you can install your fence around trees.

Trees do wonders for your yard, making it look more lively while also providing some much-needed shade. One concern that can come with trees is where they are planted because they can sometimes be obstructive. With trees in the wrong spots, it can be tough to install new features for your home. As an example, you could be trying to get a fence installed, but there are trees installed along your property line. Working around this problem is possible, however. Find out how you can install your fence around trees.

Curve the Fence Around the Tree(s)

When we say you can work around the problem, sometimes you can literally work AROUND it. Instead of having a straight fence, you can curve it so that it goes around your trees. You can either have the trees within the fencing or just outside of it, provided your property line makes it okay. Make sure you give your trees some extra space when installing your fence because the trees will need some extra space so they can grow.

If you are worried about going over your property line, talk to neighbors before you decide to install the fence. This way, they can work with you on a reasonable solution for the issue.

Fencing Between Your Trees

What do you do if your trees are exactly on your property line? One solution you could try is to have gaps in your fencing so your trees can fit between the posts. This provides your yard with a more unique and tidy appearance.

A drawback you’ll face is that the gaps where your trees are will limit the security your fence provides. You should also keep the age of your trees in mind because they might have the potential to grow even more, which makes your fence more of an obstruction. However, if you don’t expect your trees to grow anymore and you don’t need the extra security, having trees between the fence posts is a great idea.

Integrate The Trees into the Design of Your Fence

There’s nothing wrong with getting creative, and there are a few different design choices you could use to incorporate your trees into the design of the fence. You could have tree “windows” of sorts or go with a more trellis look if you prefer. Whatever design you pick should be suitable for the look of your yard.

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