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Reasons You Might Install Plants Around Your Fence Line

Reasons You Might Install Plants Around Your Fence Line

See how installing plants around your fence can be a great idea.

Spring is the perfect time of year to ponder how to decorate your outdoor landscape. While attention will often be directed towards people’s lawns and gardens in the spring, there is one other place that can benefit from a little polishing up: your fence.

A great way to decorate your fence is by installing a few extra plants around it. There are plants in all kinds of colors that will help your fencing look its best. Beyond appearances, there are other uses plants have when installed around your fence. See how installing plants around your fence can be a great idea.

Cover Up an Unappealing Fence

Covering up fencing you may not want exposed is a cheap yet effective way to help raise its aesthetic appeal. By decorating your fence with various flowers and other plants, you can mask any undesirable characteristics it may have. Hedges, bushes, and flowers are perfect for covering your fencing while also completely transforming the look of your yard.

One option that does well is lilly pilly. It’s a beautiful plant that comes in red and green colors. If you grow lines of them, they function very well as hedges. They grow to various heights and widths, so there’s sure to be one that suits the size of your fence.

Pencil pine trees are another avenue you can take. As long as you plant them at a far enough distance from each other, they will grow later to help cover your fence. As long as you prune properly, you can get whatever level of coverage you’re hoping to get.

Making Everything Cohesive

Some people may not want to conceal their fencing entirely. Instead, you may be trying to achieve a more cohesive look. With the right fence and variety of plants, you can achieve an appearance that is sure to catch people’s eyes. The plants best to achieve this look are usually between 3 and 5 feet in height.

There are azaleas, which bloom during spring and the start of summer. You can get azaleas in all types of colors and different sizes. If you trim them every season, they will stay at an appropriate size and look great.

Hydrangea bushes are another option, and they are perfect for anyone who enjoys flowering plants. These bushes have very large flowers that can be many colors, like white, purple, or blue.

Show Off Your Fencing

Some people are looking for ways to highlight their fencing, and sometimes it only takes a little bit of landscaping to make your fence truly stand out. Little shrubs can be the subtle touch your fencing needs to help it look its best. There are all kinds of shrubs you can try.

There’s lilyturf, which is an evergreen grass. These plants bloom between summer and autumn and they are the perfect plants for creating borders. It reaches heights of no more than one foot and widths no wider than two feet. Hosta is another option, which is low-maintenance and comes in a variety of colors.

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