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Painting On A Rainy Day

Adapting to Rain During Exterior Painting

Find out how you can adapt to rainy weather in order to complete exterior painting projects.

If you’re going to get exterior painting done for your house, you’ll have to take the weather into account. How your paint job will look in the end can be influenced by how the temperature outside fluctuates, and how much moisture is in the atmosphere.  One weather condition that can really put a damper on exterior painting projects is rain. Does rain prevent you from getting any painting projects done? The answer is no, but you will have to plan your project around any rainy weather that comes your way. Find out how you can adapt to rainy weather in order to complete exterior painting projects.

Don’t Paint on Rainy Days

You really want to avoid painting on the days when it’s actually raining. Rain washes away any wet paint that you’re trying to apply to your surfaces. This prevents those surfaces from ever absorbing and retaining the paint. Therefore, if you see rain in your weather forecast, you should wait for a different time to get your painting finished.

Account for the Time Paint Needs to Dry

For those using latex paints, you’ll need two hours of sunlight at the very least before your paint is ready for rainy weather. Even if the paint starts feeling dry after just one hour, that paint will still get washed away. Once two hours have passed, your paint job should be able to withstand light rainy weather without getting completely ruined. You’ll likely only have to repaint a few areas after the rain has passed.

In reality, paint will need roughly six hours before it can dry entirely. If you want the best results, your paint should have five days without any rain, so look at your weather forecast and select a time in the week when you won’t have rain for a long time after painting has been finished.

How Soon Are You Able to Paint After Rainy Weather Has Passed?

There’s no individual right answer to this question. It really comes down to the wetness of whatever surface you want to paint. For surfaces that are dry to the touch, exterior painting can typically be done if you’re using acrylic paint. Making sure the paint is dry is what is most important. Different surfaces will take different amounts of time before paint dries completely, so you’ll have to check on the surfaces yourself to see if exterior painting is something you can do at that time. For most surfaces, you should be ready for exterior painting again on the very next day. Again, though, just check on the weather to be sure it will be suitable for getting painting done.

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