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How to Help Paint Dry More Quickly

How to Help Paint Dry More Quickly

These are some paint drying tips you can use to accelerate the drying procedure.

No one likes watching paint dry, much less do people like when it takes a long time. If you get a painting project done, you’ll want the drying process to go by as quickly as possible. When the drying process gets finished more quickly, you can attend to other matters around your house sooner. So how does one go about drying their surfaces once painting is done? These are some paint drying tips you can use to accelerate the drying procedure.

Increase the Airflow You Get Throughout Your House

Sometimes, you can get nature to do the work for you. By simply increasing the airflow in your house, paint will be able to dry much more quickly, and what’s great is that all painted areas can be dried sooner as long as your airflow is sufficient, rather than drying your walls one section at a time. If you don’t have windows to open, you can also use fans to get better circulation wherever you are.

Apply Lighter Coats of Paint

When painting your house, stick to lighter coats rather than heavier ones. The thinner your coat is, the less time it will take to finish drying. Some people think that the painting process will be quicker if you apply thicker coats because you apply more paint to your wall. However, heavier coats hinder the drying process, and you could even run into trouble making your surfaces look even if some coats are thicker than others.

Stick to Painting One Surface at a Time

After you’ve painted the first wall in your house, get started painting the next one. By painting your house in this manner, one surface will be drying while you’re working on another. This helps you use your time more effectively. By the time all surfaces in your house have been painted, the first area that was painted will be ready for you to apply the second coat.

Lower the Humidity in the Area

Keep the humidity in mind when getting your painting project done. High humidity slows the drying process, so you should try to aim for days that have lower humidity. If you have to get painting done at certain times and you can’t avoid high humidity, think about getting a dehumidifier. You should also turn down your air conditioning and make sure there is regular airflow.

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