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Why Exterior Painting Preparation is Crucial

Why Exterior Painting Preparation is Crucial

Here are the reasons you need to prepare ahead of time before you begin exterior painting.

Something that can instantly improve the appearance of your home is a brand new exterior painting project. A new coat of paint will raise the curb appeal your house offers while also giving it a layer of protection against whatever the weather wants to throw at it. Before you paint, though, proper preparation is a necessity. Otherwise, the result of your painting project is going to leave a lot to be desired. Here are the reasons you need to prepare ahead of time before you begin exterior painting.

Your House Will Look Better

Exterior paint has to be exposed to all manners of harsh elements outside. It’s the layer that protects your surfaces from the UV rays of the sun and excess moisture. For maximum protection, a coat of paint has to be completely smooth. To accomplish this, before you paint the surfaces of your house, you have to remove whatever loose paint exists. Painting over loose, cracked, and peeled paint will only hinder the results if you try to paint over them. An uneven coat of paint won’t offer the same looks and protection as a smooth and seamless coat does.

Raise the Longevity of Your Paint

Without preparing your surface ahead of time, a new coat of paint will have a shorter lifespan. Paint needs to be able to stick to smooth surfaces to get the best and longest-lasting results. Not only does this help your house look nicer, but it also means you won’t have to paint your house as often, which means that little bit of preparation ahead of time also puts more money back into your pocket.

Replace Any Damaged Pieces

Preparation before an exterior painting project is also important because you give yourself the chance to address issues that could grow and become worse if they are ignored. As an example, if caulk has gotten old enough and started peeling off, you could have a seam that is left exposed to moisture, resulting in rotting wooden boards.

This won’t get fixed if you simply try to paint over the problem. Instead, you will likely need to replace whatever boards are damaged before painting can begin. This way, your house will remain sturdy and strong.

Save Time & Money

While preparing the surfaces of your house requires more work, more time and money is saved this way. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll have to repaint more frequently if you don’t address problems on your surfaces before painting. This is going to cost you extra materials for each time you repaint, plus you’ll have to spend that extra time actively getting your house painted.

Bringing in help from a professional exterior painting company can be helpful here. Professionals know how to detect problems with existing paint because of the years of experience they have painting people’s homes. They will also come with their own materials, so even though you pay for their services, a professional-quality paint job combined with the money you save on materials still make working with a painting company a smart move.

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