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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Vinyl Deck

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Vinyl Deck

Today, we’ll go over the steps needed to clean your vinyl deck this spring.

Spring is still in full swing, and that means spending more time outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather that spring provides. One way you might enjoy spring weather is by relaxing on your deck at home. These decks can last quite a long time with proper care, and the care you need to provide for them depends on the material used to make them. We’ll be focusing on decks made from vinyl material today, and fortunately, cleaning a vinyl deck doesn’t have to be tough. Today, we’ll go over the steps needed to clean your vinyl deck this spring.

Get All of the Debris Off of Your Deck’s Surface

For any vinyl deck, you’ll want the floor’s surface to be free of debris. Take a moment to run a broom or vacuum across the flooring. This gives you the chance to rid your deck of materials like sand and leaves that may pile onto your deck over time. You don’t want any of these types of debris scratching your floor’s surface. A floor full of debris is also tougher to clean.

Get Your  Vinyl Deck Soaked and Scrubbed

When all of the debris is off of your vinyl deck, it’s time to start the true cleaning process. Some messes are tougher to remove, and they may have dried onto your deck’s surface. In situations like this, spraying your deck with water is recommended, followed by a thorough scrubbing of the floors.

The water should have roughly five minutes to stand on your deck’s surface before scrubbing begins. Once you start scrubbing, we advise using a soft-bristled brush, which helps loosen up any debris that has hardened onto your deck’s surface. If the debris doesn’t come out right away, repeat this process until you’ve removed as much debris as you can. Resoaking spots on your deck for longer periods of time could help lift more stubborn debris.

Do an Inspection of Your Deck

Once you have a clean deck, take a second look at it and see if there are any areas on the deck that could use a little extra attention. Is there any cracking or peeling? Does your vinyl deck have sufficient protection against water damage? If you notice any issues that you don’t believe you can handle on your own, get professional help addressing these issues. Dealing with problems quickly keeps them from becoming bigger nuisances down the road.

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