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Signs of Termites On Your Fence & What To Do About It

Signs of Termites and What to Do to Keep Them Off Your Wooden Fence

Here is how you’ll know if you have a termite problem and what you can do to keep them away from your fence.

Termites are the bane of any wooden fence’s existence. If left unchecked, they will run rampant and destroy your fencing before you even get a chance to enjoy it. You want to catch these pests in the act early on so you can keep them off your fence and protect it. Here is how you’ll know if you have a termite problem and what you can do to keep them away from your fence.

How You Know You Have a Termite Problem

There are a few indicators that you may have termites eating away at your fence. You might find that your fence starts cracking or bubbling. There’s also the chance that you find termite droppings in the vicinity. Sometimes, these droppings can be mistaken for either sawdust or sand. If it looks like there is sawdust around your fencing and you haven’t done any sawing recently, you should do a more thorough investigation.

Sometimes, your wood will sound hollow when you go to tap it. This is because the termites have likely eaten away at the interior. Tap on different areas of your fence if you have suspicion that your fencing could have been made hollow because of termites.

Lastly, your fencing could have mud tubes. These are tubes that allow termites to get past non-wood materials so they can penetrate your wood.

How to Prevent Termites From Harming Your Fence

  • Sunlight: sun is a natural repellant, and it can help to kill off termites without investing in any pesticides.
  • Termite-repellent plants: Certain plants such as velvet grass and catnip have proven effective at keeping termites away.
  • Naturally-resistant wood: Different woods have varying levels of success at keeping termites away. If your fence is made out of materials such as redwood, cypress, or cedar, you’ll have a better chance of keeping termites at bay. The only downside is that these woods don’t have the same longevity as treated woods.
  • Oil-based stains: While termites love eating the wood on your fence, topping it off with an oily marinade makes it much less appetizing to them. Once the oil soaks into the wood, termites won’t want to go near your fence anymore.
  • Termite-proof paint: Some paints have termite-resistant chemicals mixed into them. If you use paints like these, it will help to keep termites away.

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