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Addressing Fence Damage After a Storm

Addressing Fence Damage After a Storm

Here is what you can do to handle fence damage after a storm hits.

With Hurricane Isaias sparking concern across the country, you may be wondering how people’s yards are holding up against this storm. Hurricanes can do serious damage to anyone’s property. One such part of people’s yards that gets impacted is people’s fences. Fences often take serious abuse from hurricanes since they are out in the open with nothing to protect them. You can only try to make amends after the storm has passed. Here is what you can do to handle fence damage after a storm hits.

If You See Leaning Fence Posts, Find Out the Cause of the Leaning

No matter what material makes up your fence, if you see it leaning, you need to find out the reason. You might find that the footing broke. Sometimes, the post will fail. The way fences fail across aluminum, vinyl, and chain-link varieties is similar. They will either tear partially or entirely, or they will “kink” right above ground level.

No matter which of these scenarios happens, you’ll often have to get your posts replaced.

Handling Fallen Tree Limbs

Hurricanes are infamous for scattering debris across the length of your yard, and more often than not, some of that debris will fall from above and potentially cause collateral damage. Tree limbs are common culprits for putting dents into a fence you may have installed.

For problems like this, it’s often best to get a professional to help with any repairs and replacements you have.

Replacing vs. Repairing Fence Posts

Whether you repair versus replace your fencing will be dependent on a few different factors. For people who have preassembled fence panels that come from home centers, it’s likely that you won’t have to get your entire fence panel replaced. If your fence is of professional-grade, you can just take the pieces that are missing and reassemble your fence. To accomplish this, you’ll have to “unsnap” the top rail. After that, snap the rail back into its proper place.

Cleaning Off Accumulated Dirt

Storms cause more than damage to your fencing; it can also get your fence dirty. For wood fences, a pressure washer may be the best solution. They can handle the amount of pressure that these fences apply. For aluminum and vinyl ones, however, it’s best to avoid pressure washers and instead opt for a garden hose. A vinyl siding cleaner can be applied, and you might have to use a soft brush as well.

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