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Pros and Cons of Wood Fencing

Pros and Cons of Wood Fencing

Look at the pros and cons of wood fencing to see if it would be perfect for your home.

A fence can serve many purposes. You can use it to add a little privacy to your yard. You can use it to shield children, preventing them from leaving your yard unsupervised. They can also serve to bolster your curb appeal. There are many choices you have with regard to what type of fence you want your home to have, such as iron, PVC, and chain-link. The one we’ll be reviewing is wood fencing. Before you buy a wooden fence, you should know about the traits a wooden fence has. Look at the pros and cons of wood fencing to see if it would be perfect for your home.


One of the selling points of wood fencing is its price. It’s generally accepted that wood fencing is easier to afford than other fencing options, though there are factors that influence the price you pay, such as:

  • Type of wood
  • Type of fence
  • Length and height of fence
  • Are gates needed?


Wood fencing has a solid amount of strength, especially considering the price you pay for it. It’s not as long-lasting as something like iron fencing, but it outlasts other varieties, such as plastic. If you take good care of your fence, it can last you for several years, and with only a small amount of upkeep needed.


Speaking of upkeep, wood fencing does require you to maintain it, meaning you have to put effort into making sure it’s in good shape. For people with painted fences, you have to sand it, prime it, and repaint it regularly. Stained fences have to be restained annually. This not only requires work, but some expenses come with all of this upkeep. If you’re willing to perform all of the maintenance, however, you’ll be left with a gorgeous fence that can give more value to your home.


Wood fencing installations are easy. Wood fences are also versatile, so they can be used for a plethora of purposes. With the right setup, you can get it to look however, you want. It could be rustic or elegant, depending on what suits your yard the best.


While wood fencing is strong, it isn’t invulnerable to damage. It’s more durable than plastic fencing, but less durability than iron fencing. Fortunately, if wood fencing does take damage, repairing it is a breeze. You often only have to replace a few boards rather than replace the entire fence. Keep in mind that if the source of damage is still threatening your fence, you should address the threat before making repairs. An example would be termites that eat away at your fence. In this scenario, you would deal with your termite problem before you make your repairs.

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