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Pros And Cons Of Wood Fencing

Pros And Cons Of Wood Fencing

Before installing wood fencing, look at the pros and cons of installing it on your property.

Fences are always good to have whether you need them for privacy or safety purposes. They can also make your house look more appealing to your neighbors and potential homebuyers if you plan to sell your home one day. But once you decide to install a fence, you’re presented with another question: what material should your fence use? Wood is one of the options you might hear about, but is it the best for you? Before installing wood fencing, look at the pros and cons of installing it on your property.

Affordability of Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is well known for being affordable. But not all fences cost the same amount. Some factors can alter the cost of your wood fencing, including the height or length of the fence if you also need gates or the wood type you pick. Also, while wood is a cheap option, it isn’t the most affordable on the market. If the price is your biggest concern, then using plastic instead would be better for you.


Wood fencing is reasonably durable, especially for the price you pay. It may not last as long as wrought iron fencing, but you don’t have to spend the extra dollar on it either. Also, while more expensive than plastic, it is more durable so that it will last longer than plastic fences. Even with only minor maintenance, wood fencing can last you for decades.

Maintaining Wood Fencing

A shortcoming of wood fencing is that it won’t stay in top shape without some maintenance on your end. A painted fence will require sanding, priming, and repainting regularly. For stained fences, you’ll need to re-stain it from time to time. You should perform maintenance on wood fencing at least once a year, and factor maintenance expenses into the total price of the fence when you have it installed.

Wood Fencing Installation

An advantage of wood fencing is that it’s easy to install, and you can use them for many different needs. Depending on how you install your wood fencing, the fence could be elegant, rustic, or any other design. This way, you get to install your fence in a way that lets it complement the rest of your home.


Wooden fencing, while relatively strong, can be damaged. It’s more durable than plastic but not as durable as wrought iron fencing. Fortunately, damage can usually be repaired with little trouble because you usually only need to replace a few pieces and have them painted or stained. Damage from things such as termites can also be repaired, but you would want to deal with that pest problem before trying to restore your fence.

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