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Choosing the Best Picket Fencing Material

Choosing the Best Picket Fencing Material

Take a look at different picket fencing materials and see which one you want to choose.

There’s nothing like a classic picket fence. It’s great to have a lovely border around your home that serves to protect you while offering aesthetic value. The biggest question revolving around picket fencing is what material to pick. Take a look at different picket fencing materials and see which one you want to choose.

Wood Fencing

Wood picket fencing has been a staple of many yards. Nothing screams picket fence like traditional wooden planks planted into the ground. There are many shapes, sizes, and designs you can take with wooden picket fencing, and there are modern materials that have resulted in many variations of the style.

If you’re going to use wooden picket fencing, you want a long-lasting wood such as cedar, which won’t rot when it’s damp outside or warp when it’s hot.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl picket fencing is gaining momentum as of late. It’s an easy material to manage, and it requires little maintenance, making it perfect for those who don’t want to spend as much time working on their fence. It doesn’t require painting, and all you usually have to do is hose it down after some rough weather has come by.

You want to go with the highest-quality material when using vinyl picket fencing because lower-quality material won’t hold up as well against bad weather.

Metal Fencing

Typically, if you go with metal picket fencing, you’ll be going with steel. Steel is a great material against all sorts of weather, and the only maintenance expenses you have will be from cleaning and painting. Steel is also durable enough to withstand heavy winds or flooding. Usually, all you need is a hose to clean metal picket fencing, but a wire brush can be useful at times as well.

Make sure that the steel you use is galvanized so that it doesn’t rust when it gets exposed to the elements. You can also go with aluminum, which is light and not susceptible to bulging.

You Can Go With Gates

You’re going to have to get in and out of your yard, and gates are great for adding a little more style to your picket fencing. The gate will usually serve as the centerpiece, and when you have a good gate, it will be inviting to visitors while simultaneously deterring to people you don’t want on your property.

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