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Choosing Between TimberTech and Evergrain Decking


Choosing Between TimberTech and Evergrain Decking

We will be looking at the differences between evergrain decking and timbertech decking.

Composite decking materials have gained popularity over the years, appealing to many homeowners. They don’t require much upkeep, and they come in many captivating designs, meaning you can get a deck installed that will suit the needs of any house. However, not all composite materials are the same. What makes one material different from another? Evergrain decking and timber tech decking are two of the most popular varieties. We will be looking at the differences between evergrain decking and timbertech decking.

Evergrain Decking

Evergrain decking is incredibly durable, able to last for many years before you need to replace it. There are some warranties for evergrain decking that last as long as twenty years! You can also get evergrain decking if you want something that complements the outside of your home. Evergrain e\decking has a natural appearance that gives it that beautiful and elegant look.

Timbertech Decking

Timbertech decking also has high durability as it is made with reliable and sturdy materials. It’s also low-maintenance, making it great for large families with plenty of foot traffic since you don’t want to repair damage from people walking on your deck continually. It also has a similar aesthetic appearance to evergrain decking. The look is natural, so it won’t look awkward or out of place in an outdoor setting. It will complement your outdoor environment perfectly.

Which Deck Type is Best for Me?

Both of these decking choices are great for any home. They both offer a natural appearance that can make you feel more at one with the outdoors. They are both strong and durable, able to endure a great deal of stress before they need to be replaced. So ultimately, it’s up to you to determine which decking option you want to use for your home. Sometimes, finding some other accessories can make it easier to decide which type of deck you should get.

On average, timber tech decks offer more freedom with regards to design. So, if you don’t want your creative juices to be disrupted, timber tech decking is probably the way to go for you.

On the other hand, you can go with evergrain decking. Evergrain decking is, on average, easier on a person’s budget. It’s also able to handle more foot traffic, so it’s better for families with many children or pets. Evergrain decking can also handle all sorts of stains and scratches

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