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Making Sure Squirrels Don’t Chew On Your Wooden Deck

Making Sure Squirrels Don't Chew On Your Wooden Deck

Here is how to keep squirrels from eating away at your wooden deck.

Squirrels are common to see in many people’s yards, and these little guys can be pretty active. Sometimes, they can cause problems, though, and one of those problems comes with them gnawing away at your deck. This concern is for those who have wooden decks, and it can be an unpleasant sight to experience. You want to keep your wooden deck protected against these critters to preserve it and maximize its longevity. Here is how to keep squirrels from eating away at your wooden deck.

Squirrel Deterrent

A common line of defense against squirrels is the use of a squirrel deterrent. They are often coated with either hot sauce or hot peppers, and you can even put metal guards along the edges. Others use soap instead of hot sauce as a means of keeping squirrels away. Some squirrels may keep away if you either have a light shining or if you have a fake bird set up.

Squirrel Distractors

Squirrels are constantly trying to grind their teeth, and they will search for anywhere that will allow them to do this. If you have other places around your yard where they can gnaw away, they are more likely to leave your wooden deck alone.

For yards that lack trees, consider planting some to provide squirrels with places where they can gnaw and find food. Oak trees are a great option for these reasons. If you have bird feeders, keep them in places where squirrels will be unable to access them. Lastly, have feed spread throughout various areas of your yard so that squirrels are encouraged to eat the feed instead of chew on your wooden deck.

Pets Can Be a Great Help

To keep your wooden deck preserved, you have to show squirrels that you’re in charge. For pet owners, you can send squirrels a message by having pets, like dogs or cats, stay on your wooden deck. Just having them around will often be intimidating enough to discourage squirrels from trying to chew away at your deck.

Alternate Options Instead of Wooden Decks

If you’re finding that a wooden deck is too much to manage, you can switch to a different decking material. Consider using composite decks or decks made of vinyl if you don’t like the idea of using wood. There’s a much lower chance of squirrels trying to make food out of these materials.

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