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Why You Should Use Wooden Fence Gates

Why You Should Use Wooden Fence Gates

Read on to learn why you should use wooden fence gates.

If you have a wooden fence, chances are good that you also have a wooden gate. In some cases, however, people opt to forego wood, because they have the misguided notion that it is a weaker or less effective material. While it is true that wood is weaker than most metals, that doesn’t mean that wood isn’t a strong option for fences and gates. It is actually the traditional option for fences, and a fine choice for any gate. Read on to learn why you should use wooden fence gates.

They Are Strong

Wood is not a weaker material overall, it is simply a weaker material than metal. This isn’t a negative on its own right. Wood is both strong and very durable. If it is properly maintained, a wooden gate can last for more than a decade. Wooden gates over security and protection that is on par with other gates made form other materials. Additionally, if it ever does suffer damage, a wooden gate is much easier to repair than gates made of other materials.

They Age Beautifully

If you’re maintaining your wooden gate, it is going to age, but slowly and gracefully. As wood weathers and ages, it often takes on a patina, and greys in a way many people find really aesthetically pleasing. This means that even an older gate can still be very beautiful after years and years of use.

They Are Cost-Effective

Wood is still the most cost-effecting fencing and gate material on the market. It has a low entry cost, meaning that there are types of wooden materials available for a very low cost. This doesn’t make them cheap in the bad sense, however. It does come with the longterm price tag of maintenance, however, so that is something to be aware of. With wooden gates, you also usually get more privacy for the price tag as well. Wooden gates are usually solid and provide more visual privacy than their metal and vinyl counterparts. They are versatile and an be used in almost any application, from private home gates to commercial access points. Wood is even a common choice on farms and in fields – this wouldn’t be the case if it didn’t make a great, strong  gate.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. More often than not it doesn’t have to me excessively processed with chemicals that it leaches back into the environment. It is also sustainable because as trees are cut down new ones can be planted. If you’re looking for a fence and gate material that will have a minimal impact eon the planet, wood is a good choice.


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