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Problems with a Broken Fence

Problems with a Broken Fence

Here are four ways a broken fence harms you, customers, or your family.

Fencing makes homes more secure. Reconsider this notion if you believe that a broken fence isn’t a big deal. Does your fence have a broken latch or severely damaged and missing sections? If “yes,” these issues can be a liability. Here are four ways a broken fence harms you, customers, or your family.

A Broken Fence No Longer Guards and Protects a Property

One of the #1 reasons people invest in fence installation is for aesthetics. However, fencing doubles as a barrier that keeps properties safe and secure. A fence with weak, damaged, or entire missing sections is no longer tenable. Torn areas, rotted posts, and crumbling concrete makes your property more vulnerable to accessibility. Also, check for wobbly hardware and loose screws. These issues can jeopardize your fence’s entire structural integrity.

Leaves a Poor First Impression

It’s pretty apparent when you take pride in your home. The goal of any homeowner should be to make their property appealing and welcoming. Tidy, well-maintained fencing speaks volumes because it leaves an excellent first impression.

A Poorly-Maintained Fence Invites Trespassers

Wrongdoers scout out homes that don’t seem to have the best protection. The mere presence of a sturdy fence can deter people from breaking into a home or business. It’s best not to have any weak points on your fence, such as missing or broken slats, sagging or torn chain links, and unsecured perimeter fencing. You also want to pay attention to gate latches or hinges that fell victim to corrosion. The less vulnerable your property seems, the better.

Causes Damage and Injury

Maryland is known for its unpredictable weather. When high winds hit again, or raging showers occur, you don’t want your fence to collapse and hurt someone. We can bet that you don’t prefer yourself or your family harmed, nor do you want a liability on your hands.


Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with an old, damaged fence on your own. You can count on Albaugh & Sons to install a beautiful fence that adds curb appeal to your property, keeps it safe, and adds value to your home. A broken fence has so many adverse effects. Therefore, we encourage you today to give your home a necessary makeover. Even the most minor remodeling projects can make a big difference. Call Albaugh & Sons when you’re ready to marvel at a new-and-improved custom fence.



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