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Prepping Your Deck for the Upcoming Summer

Prepping Your Deck for the Upcoming Summer

Here is how you can get your deck ready for summer.

As temperatures keep climbing higher as we head into summertime, people will want to get outside more often. A great place to spend time outside is on your deck if your home has one. The only problem is that cold weather from the wintertime can leave your deck in less-than-optimal condition. Fortunately, you can save your decking so that you can enjoy it in the months to come. Here is how you can get your deck ready for summer.

Keep Your Deck Clean

Much like with other home projects, cleaning is going to be a major contributor to the condition of your decking. It’s best to start with furniture because you’ll get a good idea of what level of cleaning needs to be done.

Sometimes, just some light cleaning is needed, such as a sweeping of the floors and a quick rinsing with a hose. Light cleaning is appropriate when you only have a few pieces of debris on your deck, such as leaves or some acorns.

Sometimes, deeper cleaning will be necessary, such as when there’s stubborn grime clinging to your surfaces. For deep cleanings, strong cleaning agents will be needed for the job. You’ll need to take a hands-on approach and scrub the grime yourself with a sponge and do whatever you can. Just be careful that whatever solution you apply won’t do any harm to your sealant. A pressure washer can sometimes be a helpful tool as well.

Get Some Lighting Ready

It’s nice to enjoy your deck during the daytime, but with summer on the horizon, the weather will be warm enough for outdoor activity even after nightfall. If you want to stay outside after sunset, outdoor lighting will be necessary for your decking. String lights along your railings make for a great approach you can take to make your deck look more inviting.

Install Some New Furniture for Your Deck

Perhaps your deck currently has some old furniture that just isn’t as comfy as you would like it to be. If this is your situation, you can either select to refresh your furniture or get rid of it in favor of something new. Choose wisely when getting brand new furniture because whatever you get should go well with everything else on your deck. Doing this will help your furniture raise the overall curb appeal your deck offers.

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