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Making Sure the Sun Doesn’t Damage Your Fencing This Summer

Making Sure the Sun Doesn't Damage Your Fencing This Summer

Here is what you should do to prevent sun damage on your fencing.

Summer is a season that brings plenty of good feelings and fun times, but your fencing might think otherwise. For fences, summer is a season that causes sun damage to them, whether you have metal, wood, or vinyl fencing. If you want your fence to remain sturdy during summer, you’ll have to put in the effort to make it happen. The maintenance you’ll have to undergo will be different depending on the fencing material. Here is what you should do to prevent sun damage on your fencing.

Wood Fencing

Wood is among the most commonplace materials you can use for a fence. If you paint or seal it properly, this kind of fence can do very well, even if it gets some exposure to the sun. Over time, however, some finishes won’t be able to endure the UV rays.

Naturally, your fence’s chances against the sun worsen without paint or a sealant, and the structure will turn grey in no time. This doesn’t even factor in the potential damage from other kinds of weather, like rain that can rot your fence.

To make your wood fence last, paint or sealant offer solid protection against the sun. Survey your fencing regularly so you can spot signs of damage early and address them.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are constructed using PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, as well as a few additives that help make them able to withstand more weather conditions and slow down negative effects that come from the sun. Even with this protection, however, vinyl fences are not invincible.  The sun will still eventually wear them down, even if they have protection to slow down the degrading process. Grime and mold can also do a number to vinyl fences, causing them to become discolored.

Constantly cleaning fencing is the best way to keep it in good condition. Also, as odd as it may sound, a vinyl fence with a reduced sheen could be beneficial to you only because it minimizes the glare your fence causes when exposed to the sun.

Metal Fencing

All metal surfaces, whether it’s steel, aluminum, or any other kind of metal, will need some kind of cleaning done. If you paint your fence, make sure to repaint it regularly. The sun will cause your fence to start fading unless the surface has sufficient protection.

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