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Making Sure Exterior Paint Doesn’t Accumulate Dirt

Making Sure Exterior Paint Doesn't Accumulate Dirt

There are ways to make sure your exterior paint doesn’t accumulate too much dirt.

When painting your house, the end goal is to make the building look as good as possible. Sadly, with enough time, nature will take its toll on your house, and dirt will eventually start to build up. When dirt builds up on your house, the paint will look duller and not seem as appealing. What’s good for you is that there are ways to make sure your exterior paint doesn’t accumulate too much dirt.

Get the Outside Prepped

You’ll want to pick an exterior paint that is resistant against dirt. However, before you even do that, you want to prevent dirt from piling on your surfaces from the start. Mildew can only grow in dark and moist areas. In other words, if anything creates moisture on your surfaces and/or keeps sunlight away from your painted areas, there will be a higher chance of mildew forming.

Something you can do is trim back whatever shrubs you have that could be covering the surfaces of your house. This minimizes how much mold will form.

Dirt, in contrast, can thrive in any environment. Because of this, you have to keep the entire exterior of the house cleaned. A pressure washer could be the right tool to use for this situation.

Go With Gloss Paints Over Flat Ones

When picking exterior paint for your house, gloss paints will be better than flat ones. Gloss paints have an easier time getting sun to stay on them. On top of that, they aren’t as porous as flat paints.

Flat paints aren’t advised because they have pores in them that allow dirt and mildew to find their way into them. Gloss paints provide fewer opportunities for dirt to pile on, and it makes your house have a more lustrous appearance.

Acrylic Paints

Going with acrylic paints is another fantastic idea. Acrylic paints supply homes with a lot of protection against dirt and mildew, often for some of the same reasons that we had discussed earlier. It’s even better when you combine acrylic with gloss.

Combatting Dirt and Mildew From the Inside

To keep dirt and mildew from piling up, something you can do is have continuous airflow going through your home’s interior. By having constant airflow going throughout the rooms of your house, it becomes more difficult for dirt and mildew to start growing inside.

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