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Weather Conditions in Which You Should Not Paint

Weather Conditions in Which You Should Not Paint

Here are weather conditions in which you would not want to paint.

If you’re a homeowner and you’re considering getting some exterior painting done, you might be asking yourself whether it’s the right time to do painting. You’ll rarely ever have what are considered “optimal” conditions for painting, but there are definitely variables that make painting more or less suitable. It’s especially important to know when you shouldn’t paint so that you don’t waste valuable time and resources. You’ll only want to get painting done once, so avoiding bad weather conditions is important. Here are weather conditions in which you would not want to paint.

Cold Weather

If you’re using latex paints, it’s best to avoid temperatures that fall beneath 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperatures get this cold, paints take much more time to dry. It also becomes increasingly difficult to apply multiple coats due to the extended drying process, and if you apply a coat too soon, it can start bubbling and blistering. Lastly, cold temperatures make it so wet paints collect dirt and pollen more easily.

Wet Surfaces

It’s possible for your home’s surface to serve as a gathering place for mildew, pollution, dirt, and debris. Because of this, you can’t start painting right away, and instead, you have to begin by thoroughly washing the surfaces on which you’ll apply your paint.

However, after washing is done, you’ll still need to wait for your surfaces to dry before you can start painting. It’s for this reason that we don’t advise painting during rainy weather, even if the temperatures are suitable.

Moisture can negatively impact paint’s ability to dry. This problem is much more established with acrylic paints because saponification can result from high alkalinity pH and moisture. If you try to apply acrylic paint during moist weather, you’ll notice that streaks and spots will start forming on the surface.

Hot Conditions

You might be curious about this one because we just mentioned how cold weather isn’t the best for painting. With that said, hot temperatures aren’t any better for painting. The reason is that, unlike cold weather, which makes paint drying take longer, hot temperatures actually cause paint to dry too rapidly, especially when using latex paints.

Don’t paint when temperatures outside are higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you shouldn’t paint in direct sunlight. Instead, paint shaded spots or shield your surface with a covering. Lastly, don’t paint when there is too much wind.

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