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Before You Paint Any Metal Surfaces, Do the Following

Before You Paint Any Metal Surfaces, Do the Following

Here is what you can do to get your metal surfaces ready for a new coat of paint.

Getting your surfaces prepared helps make your paint last longer when applied. There are a few preparation tips you should follow if you plan to paint any metal surfaces, such as fencing, in the near future. If you don’t prepare them ahead of time, metal surfaces will lose their luster. Here is what you can do to get your metal surfaces ready for a new coat of paint.

Clean the Surface Before Anything Else

Before you start painting a metal surface, you have to thoroughly clean it. The surface can’t have any dirt, grime, rust, or grease on it. To clean the surface, scraper tools are helpful for getting rid of any dirt it may have accumulated. Sometimes, it can also be helpful to use a mild detergent if the dirt with which you’re dealing is particularly stubborn.

Get Rid of Any Paint That is Loose or Peeling

Before you can apply a new coat of paint, any old coats must be removed. They’re a couple of methods you can use to get rid of old coats. Natural methods you can try include sanding the surface, scraping it, and/or using a hand wire brush. Power tool cleaning is a different avenue you can take, but it’s riskier to take this approach because you can also impact the metal beneath the paint.

Remove Any Rust Deposits

Rust can make paint less adhesive, meaning the paint won’t stay on if you don’t get rid of rust before you begin to apply the paint to your surfaces. If you only have light rusting, you can brush and sand your surfaces to help combat the problem. Then, you should use a rust-resistant primer. If you try painting on a rusty surface, not only will the coat not come out how you would like, but the paint itself can also begin to be impacted by the rust.

Apply a Good Primer

Priming is a big step to take before painting. Water-based primers should be avoided on metal surfaces, but there are rust-inhibiting ones, as well as galvanized primers that you can use instead. You should be quick about the application process. When primers are applied soon after the surface is prepared, it reduces the chances of dust accumulation and flash rusting from occurring.

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