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Pros and Cons That Ornamental Iron Fences Have

Pros and Cons That Ornamental Iron Fences Have

If you think that ornamental iron fences are for you, here are the pros and cons to keep in mind.

Fences are popular home additions for many homeowners. They can offer anything from pleasant appearances to privacy to extra security. With so many types of fences, there is sure to be one that works for practically anyone. Ornamental iron fences have been getting quite popular as of late, and it’s understandable why that would be the case. There are many upsides that these fences offer that other fences can’t provide to the same extent. They also have certain areas where they come up short. If you think that ornamental iron fences are for you, here are the pros and cons to keep in mind.

Pro: You Get a Classic & Appealing Look

One of the allures of ornamental iron fences is the timeless look they have. You can go with a fence that has a more classic appearance, or you could install a few extra additions to modernize your fence. This flexibility lets you achieve whatever look you want for your outdoor landscape.

Pro: These Fences Are Maintenance-Free

Ornamental iron fences are made from a galvanized steel that has been powder-coated. With this type of material and coating, it stops any kind of peeling, flaking, or rusting from ever happening. You might still have to deal with fading, but that should only happen after several years, and it’s something you can expect when a fence gets enough exposure to the outdoor elements.

Pro: Price of the Fence

The price of ornamental iron fences makes it a great “selling” point for many homeowners. Some people believe that wooden privacy fences are better for being more cost-effective. However, did you know that ornamental iron fences actually tend to be less expensive than their wooden counterparts?

Now, we understand that the price of a fence is influenced by how much property you have and what areas you want to have fenced, as well as your property’s terrain. With that said, generally speaking, you will save more money in the end if you go with an ornamental iron fence.

Pro: They Are Pest-Proof

Wooden fences struggle with bugs and termites, which can eat away at them over time. Ornamental iron fences are incredibly tough to destroy. You do have to exercise caution when larger pests come around, but you could install a wire mesh along your fence’s bottom as extra protection.

Con: Not as Much Privacy

The biggest shortcoming of ornamental iron fences is that they don’t offer as much privacy as other fences. These fences have gaps in them, which let more passersby see through the fence and look at your house. With that said, you can remedy this issue with a little creative landscaping if you wish.

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