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Deciding on Decking Material

Deciding on Decking Material

Outdoor decking space is great for keeping family and friends entertained.

Outdoor decking space is great for keeping family and friends entertained. But something that needs to be considered with every deck is the material used to create it. It’s not always easy deciding on decking material, considering how many options there are available these days. For this reason, We’ll be reviewing some more popular decking material options so that you can determine which will be best for you.

Treated Decking

Maintenance should always be at the front of your mind when thinking about decking material. Treated decking is one of the more popular options available. The cost starts off low at first. However, the costs that come with painting, sealing, and staining will add up over time. These decks tend to last somewhere between 10 and 15 years. The exact longevity will depend on where you live and what quality of care you provide.

Cedar Decking

Cedar decks have certain appeals going for it. For one, it is more resistant against insects, and it also has rot-resistant properties. Cedar is a material that homeowners like because of the physical appeal that it offers. Just like with treated decking, you will have to get cedar decks stained and resealed annually. These decks last roughly 15 to 20 years.

Composite Decking

Composite decks have a higher upfront cost than what treated decks and cedar decks have. However, this higher upfront cost can be well worth it. They are known for being incredibly durable and strong. Composite decks are also suitable for people who want to put recycled materials to use because those are what get used to make these decks. Depending on what brand you get, composite decks will either be capped on three or four sides, and they will have a cap that doesn’t allow moisture or water to penetrate it. Caps are also great because they help prevent fading and they minimize staining. What’s more is that you can get composite decks to look like other varieties, such as the appearance of natural wood grain. While all brands will have some variance regarding how long their products will last, you can expect a warranty of somewhere in the ballpark of 25 years.

PVC Decking

This option is newer than composite varieties, but it’s gotten increasingly popular over the years. It has a higher initial price but makes up for the price with its durability. Just like with composite decks, PVC varieties get capped on three sides. It’s also a lighter material, and it expands and contracts more than what composite decks might do.

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