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How to Prevent Fading Paint On Your Company’s Exterior

How to Prevent Fading Paint On Your Company's Exterior

Here is how to keep your paint from fading.

The curb appeal of your company really helps contribute to how many customers your business attracts. The more customers who are drawn to your business, the more revenue you will bring in. With that said, it’s not always easy to keep your business looking attractive enough to allure new customers. One of the ways your business starts losing curb appeal is because your paint starts to fade.

Fortunately, there are means of slowing the fading process. By stopping your paint from fading, your business will retain its lustrous appeal for far longer. Here is how to keep your paint from fading.

Go With Fade-Resistant Paints

This may seem like a given to some, but it’s an easy detail to overlook if you aren’t experienced working with paint. Oil-based paints are often best avoided if the goal is to prevent fading. Instead, go with an acrylic latex option. Whatever paint you choose should also have enough binder and be made of high-quality pigments. These ensure that the paint will have an easier time sticking to the surface while making the film more durable.

Think About the Quality of Your Products

Painting products have gotten more advanced over time. Today, the quality of your products makes more of a difference on your building’s appearance than ever before. You need to make sure you do sufficient surface preparation and use the best painting products possible. This keeps your paint from peeling, cracking, or fading prematurely. As a result, you also won’t have to spend as much time and money on repairs and maintenance.

Avoid Using Paints That Are Susceptible to Fading

The color of your paint can influence how quickly it starts to fade. As an example, paints with inorganic pigments, such as tans and browns, will be better when applied to exterior surfaces than organic alternatives like bright blues and reds. The brighter colors are highly vulnerable to radiation from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can accelerate the fading process.

There are also paints that are alkali-sensitive. Avoid using these on surfaces that have a high amount of alkaline on them. This can also contribute to a sped-up fading process. Things can also go wrong if you tint certain paints or if you tint a paint product too much. Doing this can also result in your paint fading earlier than expected.

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